As I’m still ill at home I get to luxuriate over my Booking Through Thursday Questions…

  1. Are abridged books a good thing or just plain awful? Personally I have very little time for them. Especially Abridged Audio Books.
  2. How about books that are edited to modernize them? I’m not sure I am that familiar with books that have had heavy editing to modernise them. The Arthurian legends meme bites again?
  3. Is dated language part of the charm of a book or an irritation? I think dated language is part of the charm of older books.
  4. Have you ever read an abridged or edited version of a book? I’ve read the Harry Potter’s written for an American audience and the changes made are silly! Boogers for bogies as if kids couldn’t figure it out by reading around the unfamilier word. I have to admit I have read a number of comic versions of the classics (a quick way to sound like you have read a lot) Dad used to buy them for us as a treat.

Today I finished listening to Inkheart by Cornelia Funke read by Lynn Redgrave. I really enjoyed listening to it.

Thanks to all for the well wishes. I had a good giggle when I mentioned to my walking buddy, Sandy that so many of us were ill and she said “it must be an internet virus then.”