I haven’t confided with you some of my latest stash explosions because I’ve been too ashamed! But the time has come and I must try and not buy anymore kits, classes or fabric till the new year. The only thing I’m going to allow myself to buy for is the exchanges I have commited myself to – mainly threads as I don’t always trust my substitutions and a fabric club – that’s it really! It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of stuff to stitch anyway.

Confession is good for the soul so here is what I am expecting in the mail…

I’ve joined Country Stitch’s fabric of the month to build fabric stash (As I only have white or natural – I’m planning on keeping this going for a little while)

I’m getting 2 more back issues of SANQ from Dragonfly dreams (and the JCS ornament issue – it’s arrived in store so it’s on it’s way).

I’ve joined the Indigo Rose Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep class at The Elegant Stitch. (Hillside Samplings have a lovely one of these too – but no class running – I want both!!!) I also ordered the “This too shall pass” pinkeep and scissor keep and made an enquiry about “It’s my birthday.”

And the yesterday another order happened! Six M design patterns – The Alphabet designs series (this I can blame on Scully, who had a lovely M designs finish recently) I want to stitch our surname – which whilst only short still managed to take up a few leaflets (OK, I also got the family initials).

Frankly the wagon will be a relief after all that – What a naughty girl I’ve been. The only regret I have is that I’ll have to leave the Egyptian Mandala garden till it becomes a chart pack.