I got tagged by Christine Huzzah!

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
1. Do a Christmas at Williamsburg Seminar – Merry Cox is almost aways a teacher and I love her designs.
2. Return to Paris and have a proper visit (not just three days like last time)
3. Move into my dream home (this will involve a lot of work on DH who likes our little cramped home)
4. Go to CATS in Hershey – chocolate and stitching!!
5. Learn to knit with a patient teacher
6. Retire – my Mum died at 50 and didn’t get to enjoy the plans she had just started to make – sometimes I worry the same will happen to me.
7. Visit some ancient places – Egypt, Pompeii, Japan, China

7 Things I Can Do:
1. Cross-stitch
2. Play the flute
3. Make a delicious Raspberry and Chocolate Pavlova – thanks to Nigella Lawson
4. Make my cat purr
5. Love my family and friends unconditionally
6. Shop – ok, stash expansion is a skill we all have.
7. Face 30 children for Children’s storytime with their Mums, Dads, Grandparents and siblings

7 Things I Can’t Do:
1. Mental maths – need a calculator for most library transactions
2. Smile naturally for photographs – there’s a reason I use my Peter Rabbit on the BB and on this blog…
3. Work out the public transport system to get me to work in less than 2 hours (I’m a 15min drive away!)
4. Do the ironing cheerfully.
5. Sleep in beyond 8.00am
6. Resist the Cat or the Dog when they are begging
7. Confront those who have upset me

7 Things that Attract Me to Another Person
1. Sense of humour
2. Intellegence
3. Dark hair/eyes
4. Honesty
5. How they treat others
6. Their smile
7. A willingness to be silly with me

7 Celebrity Crushes
This took me a while – not really obsessed with these chaps, but will often go “phoarr!” when they appear on the screen. I had to resort to the non living to fill out the list.
1. Keanu Reeves
2. Johnny Depp
3. Aragorn from LOTR
4. Humphry Bogart
5. Michael Stipe (I love REM)
6. Hugh Laurie – loved him in Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry and Laurie
7. Cary Grant.

7 Things I Say the Most:
1. Poove… (this one of Joel’s affectionate nicknames)
2. Max! (This is usually telling him off unfortuately – he’s such a stubborn boy)
3. Love you. (to Joel, Family, dog, cat etc)
4. Hello, Meow-meow (greeting the cat)
5. Hurrah/Huzzah.
6. I’m so proud of us! (mostly to my staff – we are making huge changes at work, shifting the stock around mainly)
7. Well done, Everybody! (Ditto)

Well, I’ve not tagged anyone else – I think I’ve seen this on just about everyone’s blog! If you’ve not done this one yet, consider yourself tagged! Love you.