How silly is this… I’ve seen some of the finished Halloween Exchange pieces and now I have an anxious feeling that my person will feel gyped! I loved it when I stitched it and loved having it around the house, but here’s the thing – it’s not very big and it’s not all that halloweeny… though in my defence it does feature Pumpkins. Ooops let out a hint! 😉

To me it was a special piece because I used a finishing method I’d not tried before and I had personalised it. I just wish I’d put that in the note I attached for my exchange person.

I think this anxiety is linked to the fact that the item is still on it’s way to it’s secret location and I haven’t heard anything.


In happier news – still on the wagon purchasing online wise but dropped in to Wyndham Needleworks’ website to see if there are any new releases – (of course there is!) there is a new La-D-da there that tickles my fancy… Polly wolly doodle. This is because I’ve been thinking about my Mum these last few days. She’d always sing as she was going about the house or in the car and Polly wolly doodle was one of her favourites. It’s another one of those songs that make you smile as you sing. Mum used to mess up the words and me and Lucy would correct her – now I’m the one stuffing up the words.

Joel returns tomorrow night – at 10 minutes to midnight (he picked great flights, eh?). I’m looking forward to seeing him again – I hope he’ll knock me out of this funny funk I’m in. I’ve missed having him around. While he’s been gone I finally changed my name on my drivers licence. Next stop, the bank! (Don’t hold your breath)