I’ve finally decided on what to stitch for my first Birthday Exchange recipient, Dawn, from the Stitching Bloggers Exchange Board. But as I have a smallish stash I needed to order some supplies to complete this project. I’ve had to order two spools of kreniks (and, Dawn if you are reading this, I hope I won’t have to wait as long you did). I just ordered the thread online from Dragonfly dreams and you will all be proud of me when I tell you that I managed not to add in any charts. I did add some new needles, mine are all a bit sticky because the nickel finish has worn off.

I still have to pick an ornament for the Christmas Ornament Exchange, this is a tricky choice! I want to make sure that I choose something I think they’ll like, rather than something I want to stitch.

I’m going out to a High Tea today at Leaf Tea House. It’s my friend Susan’s birthday, Many happy returns Sue! When I get back, I’m going to hit my Strawberry Shaker box again. I want to work on the eyelets, and then (eek) do the cutting and needleweaving. An exciting day!