Thanks to those who have admired the Strawberry Shaker box top. I should get around to doing the “finishing” on this piece this week. Martina, the designer has also suggested we might add twisted cord to the edge of the design when it is installed in the box top. I wonder if it would be too much – the design is pretty crowded as it is! I’m going to wait and see…

I’ve been diligently working on my birthday exchange gift for Dawn. It is finished save the metallics that I have ordered… I’m hoping they’ll turn up this week. I’ve also spent some time working on the Monsterbubbles ornament (JCS 2004) and made some progress. I am frustrated with this piece at the moment – the thread keeps snapping and snarling behind the stitching. I might put it away for a bit – I should be working on my Christmas ornament exchange anyway, I suppose. I have selected a design at last – I think some people are all done!

I had my tax return done yesterday and had good news – I can expect a refund! I can pay off my VISA debt (not huge – just enough to make me nervous). I may take myself back off the wagon in order to purchase the materials for my future Chatelaine starts (January – Mystery Sampler II and February – Grape Threadkeeper book). I’m planning to ask Joel to buy me the kit for Mystery Sampler II for Christmas so at least I won’t have to worry about that one. There is no kit for Grape Threadkeeper at European Cross Stitch so I’m going to have to kit it myself – I figure I might as well get started on that one.

I’ve some nice things to look forward to next month, a couple of online classes – Indigo Rose’s Catherine’s armchair Pinkeep (from the Elegant Stitch) and Chatelaine’s Quickie Needleroll project. Best get to work on my Christmas Ornament for the exchange!