What have I been up to? Not a whole lot.

I’ve been to Performance appraisal training for work and now have to do the 8 or nine appraisals (need to check the number of staff at the library – it’s embarrassng that I don’t know!) Then on Monday afternoon we had a visit from the manager of IT at the Council I work for checking out the new equipment we have received (all new computers and printers – ours were all 7-8 years old so this was a welcome upgrade.) I got the thumbs up from my boss (The City Librarian/overlord) who was visiting with them. I’m still only acting boss at my library so I want to make a good impression. The job will be advertised soon.
Yesterday I went to a day long seminar on the Future of Libraries – looks like we’ll be around at least till I’m ready to retire – lots of exciting projects to plan there.
Today I actually managed to spend the entire day at work – was a surprise for all concerned!

In stitching news… I got my garden exchange partner in my email this morning (thanks Nicki!) I’m debating with myself about joining the valentines exchange – sounds like lots of fun but I don’t want to be over commited. I’ll be getting ready to post Melissa’s Birthday gift around then (though I already have something in mind for that) and of course there’s the garden exchange to stitch and post. I’ll see how I feel about this all in a weeks time. We have plenty of time to sign up I believe.

I have been working on the scissor fob to go with my strawberry basket. I’ll probably finish it tonight so I may have a piccy for you soon.