I don’t usually bother with goals but I thought that this month I might give it a go! By the way I’m not expecting to complete all these goals – this post will just give me something to refer too if my my fingers are itching to stitch and I don’t know what to do with them…

1. Complete stitching on my secret Christmas Ornament for the Stitching bloggers Exchange, finish it and post it by November 15th – This is the only goal with a timeframe and I will make sure I meet this one.
2. Make a little progress on The Storyteller – I’ve not picked up this piece in a long while (nervous of the border)
3. Do my SAL on the 3rd weekend of the month for Millennium and make some progress this time around!!
4. Do a little work on Rose of Sharon, I usually try to do this on the Mirabilia BB’s SAL weekend.
5. Stitch some more of the Strawberry Shaker box project (let’s see what this month’s assignment is before commiting myself to deciding what to do next)
6. If there’s time… work on my garden exchange project (choice nearly made on what to do) or work on my next birthday exchange recipient, Melissa’s gift. I’ve chosen a design for the gift already so I could get started.