I’ve just this moment thought of another goal! (cue head slaps)
Remember the Redwork Alphabet I started 3 years ago… I have been reading the Legacy Embroiderers Guild BB recently and they have a French Alphabet Stitch along starting up in 2006. Whilst I was reading the details it struck me (and this is where the head slaps come in) I could set myself the goal of finishing this sampler in December 2006 if I just do two letters a month – some months I might manage more (you never know). What might have never got finished due to stitcher stash overenhancement now has a decent chance of maybe getting done (don’t want to make any promises as to that just yet).
Sometimes I amaze myself with these moments of clarity.

In happy stash news – I got a package from Judy O’Dell today: two pairs of scissors and some of her curved needles. I got the scissors to bring the order total up but I know I am a rarity amongst stitchers as I only had 3 pairs of embroidery scissors before the new pairs arrived today.