Well, I’ve not got all that much to report. I did the finishing on my Christmas Exchange Ornie this weekend and I am 90% satisfied. I just have issues with the way I attached my cording – it doesn’t look right to me at all. I may have to re-assess the way I do that. It looks great from the front and a not as great from the back – oh well. I’ll post it sometime next week. On that note, I am a bit disappointed that Dawn still hasn’t received her Birthday present – I’ve got my insurance receipt and it was posted on October 24th!!! Who knows where it has got too. I am not working near that post office this week but next week I’ll take in the insurance form and ask for an update if Dawn still hasn’t got it.

I have done a bit more on the Redwork alphabet – nearly finished my second letter – progress pic later (next week). I have also done the stitching on an Essy’s Friends Kit (Midsummer nights Designs – I love her stuff!) I really like the pink awareness linen – such a lovely colour.

I downloaded the next part of Chatelaine’s Strawberry Shaker Box project – it’s a pincushion with some more hardanger – I’m definately going to be less frightened of hardanger before the end of this project. I also got the quickie stitch chart (needleroll) and this will be a fun stitch – there is a whole bunch of interesting stitches I have not yet had an opportunity to try (Jessica’s stood out to me on my first perusal).

For those wondering which HAED I will start – it will probably be one the Stephanie Pui Mun Laws – Cat knot (or hey, could be dragon knot by the time I get around to choosing/starting – it will be sometime next year). I believe they are the smaller designs in the group I selected.