Please excuse this rather morbid post. I am feeling a little down today.

Today would be my Mother’s Birthday. She would have been 56. She died 5 years ago in June. She had bowel cancer which spread to her liver. Mum died three months after diagnosis. My sister, Lucy and I were by her side. Sometimes I still cannot comprehend this happened to us. This afternoon I am going to visit the cemetary where she is intered with Lucy and my nephew.

She was well loved and is still missed by all who knew her.

After she died I stitched Mother’s Heart by Shepherd’s Bush. It is a lovely kit with silk, charms, beads and a couple of specialty stitches. I knew she would have liked the soft colours and pretty design. When I had it framed I got the framer to put some flowers from Mum’s garden that she had pressed onto the matt. It now hangs in my bedroom.