Firstly, thankyou for you kind words yesterday. We all had a nice visit together.

Here is a progress pic of the Redwork alphabet project. Do you think it is sneaky to count the J (I did the J before it went UFO) as one of this month’s letters? I might see if I can do more later in the month.

I’m feeling good as I’m managing to meet some of my stitching goals this month – I did stitch on Rose of Sharon, I have completed my Christmas Ornament, I’ve chosen a design for my Garden Exchange recipient.

I’ve started doing another gift for Dawn, just in case the first one doesn’t turn up in the next week or so. I’ve been reassured by my sister’s MIL that she posts to her son over in the US all the time and it isn’t unusal for things to take a while (she said up to four weeks – I’m holding you to that Sandy!!)

Today I’m expecting a nice boring day at work. When I get home tonight I’ll do some work on my Storyteller, I think.