Here’s a short happy post to announce I got my Heaven and Earth Designs’ Charts in the mail (except the Bowser, which was on a different order). La La! I definately think I’ll be starting one of these in the new year. A cursory glance at the Cat knot chart has me pretty excited. The awful thing is I think they are right when they say it is addicting! I already have some ideas about others to add to my wishlist – Storykeeper for starters and some of the quickstitch designs are quite beautiful.
I showed Joel (that’s DH) the charts I got tonight and he liked my choices – he wondered about me starting any thing new though – I think he’d like to see me finish one of these big projects I keep commiting myself to.

I’m awaiting some other stashy mail too. I have an order from Stitching bits and bobs in the pipeline, I am also waiting for a Silkweaver grab bag (saw KiwiJo’s and thought – what the heck!) and my class kit for Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep is still on it’s way. The class is already underway – I have the two class emails and it sound’s very interesting – can’t wait to get a look at it.

I also managed to post off my Christmas ornament to XXX today.