I think this was the large size grab bag (yep, I’m greedy too).

The Fabbies are: 28ct opalescent luguna – strawberry sparkle
28ct Jubilee – hunter green
28ct glasgow linen – natural
32ct belfast linen – natural
32ct belfast linen – cream
32ct opalescent belfast linen – glistening cream
32ct befast linen – baby lotion
28ct luguna hand dyed solo – nice pale greeny blue
36ct lakeside linen hand dyed – sugared ginger
32ct jobelan – rose petals
And a piece of aida band (maybe 10cm wide) red with gold metallic edge.
I’m pretty pleased – a nice mix of colours and counts and a good range of sizes I had two pieces that were 18×26 and one 13×18 the rest look to be ornament size cuts – which suits me.