I checked the letterbox last night and there was an envelope from Dragonfly dreams. I ripped it open and inside was a skein of DMC and a skein of Gloriana silk. I trouped in to the house and called to Joel “look what Karen has sent – I didn’t order these, isn’t this silk nice?” we both looked and admired it.
And then the truth dawned: this was an envelope for JOEL! It’s a part of my Christmas present! What can it be? There are no Gloriana’s in the Sampler mystery II (I wonder if he has ordered it? – oh well I can start late if he didn’t). Too bad I can’t remember the shade of the silk (I’ve looked at all the current materials lists) – it will be fun to find out what he has got me.
Christmas is a terrible time for me – I can’t keep secrets and I love to get presents. Thank goodness there is less than a month to go.

Note to self…
I have still to buy gifts for Lucy, Niall and Anthony (My sister’s family), my three work girlfriends: Donna, Sue and Ali, my best friend Stacey, and my Dad.
(Joel takes care of his side of the family)