My first flat fold
Originally uploaded by Cathymk.

When I got home tonight I had some great news! Dawn had received her Birthday Exchange piece in the mail at last. I have to tell you now that the piece she received was the replacement – who knows what happened to the first package. I chose this design because Dawn is doing a RR with the Dragon Dreams elemental Dragons Series in it and I thought this might make a nice companion.

The design is Imagination creation by Dragon dreams and is the limited edition design released for Fantasy Faire 2005 – you can still get it at Stitching Bits and Bobs.

This photo is the first attempt at a flat fold and is the present that didn’t make it to its final home (yet). It had a really cool backing fabric that looked like bubbles which I bought when I thought I might be a repressed quilter (nope – can’t sew a straight line). I used a wired ribbon that was dip dyed in blues to do the bow at the top and used some heart charms to finish it off.