Jeanne thought that it might be nice to have something a little simpler for a change, and I have to agree. Thanks for your suggestions, Jeanne!

  1. What’s on your book/reading wish list? I wasn’t sure what to answer until I remembered that yesterday I added all the Tea shop mysteries by Laura Childs to my request list at work. Looks like it is time I got hold of a retail catalogue and did some serious wishing!
  2. What books are you giving this year? I’m getting Niall a book this year and a calender for my Dad. Joel is responsible for his family and they are book people – he went shopping yesterday, I wonder what he bought them.

Dad’s calender features Orangutans which are his favourites when he visits the zoo. I had a giggle when Lucy (my sister) told me that she had bought him the DVD of Madagascar (that is their natural habitat).

Thanks for the comments regarding the redesign. It is quite me, there is always a dog at my feet and a cat about to cause havock. I like the lady – she looks like she might be one of those people who ride scooters in Italy, as sophisticated as I wish I was!