Not a whole lot! I have been working on Teresa Wenzler’s Storyteller the last two evenings I’m going to post a picture at the end of the month as I am doing a SAL on Mondays and so far there is not much to show for it. I hope the other members of the SAL don’t consider it cheating that I picked it up on Tuesday night too.

I have discovered some benefits to keeping my present job, which include…
– Fridays off and every second Saturday too (long weekends every second week, yay!)
– getting to see Niall (new nephew) more often, I’ve been too tired to see him working M-F (pathetic, I know but there it is)
– I can get someone else when a customer wants to speak to the person in charge
– I know this job inside out and can do it on autopilot most times
– it’s close to home (less than 15mins in the car)