Today is DH’s family get-together for Christmas. I have to admit I was having Christmas blues this week – too tired, too stressed and too over excited – the receipe for the blahs! I’m over it now and am looking forward to it all again.

Joel and I are heading over to Joel’s Sister, Penny’s place this lunchtime for family fun. All the extended family will be there. It’s my job to bring a dessert – I’m going to do the usual chocolate pavlova that is such a hit.
Joel suggested we bring one of our presents for each other to open at this party – it’s an exciting prospect, for me at least – I’ve bought him three different DVD box sets.

Yesterday afternoon I went to my sisters place to play with my nephew Niall, now there is a cute boy. Lucy has been ill with a cold so I thought I’d take a little something to cheer her up: a beloved book that we had as children which has been recently re-released by Walker books – Robert Crowthers Most amazing hide-and-seek alphabet book This one is too advanced for Niall but I knew Lucy would get a kick out of it. She was very emotional when I gave it too her. We really loved this book and I think it has stood the test of time – there was only one copy at the shop I bought it from with all the popups and tabs working properly.