Joel was feeling better Saturday Morning so we packed up the car and drove for 3 1/2 hours to Mount Barker where his parents live, stopping only at the Apple store in the city to buy an iTrip for the car and at David Jones Food hall where we got a Tart (rhubarb and raspberry) and some Gin for me (… and Joel’s Mum) – I like a G&T before Tea. Mount Barker is in the South of Western Australia – it is a wine growing region and as a rule is at least 5 degrees cooler than in Perth – a prime attraction for me – I don’t do to well in the heat.

Here is a progress picture of the Redwork Alphabet Sampler as promised… I stitched this out on the deck looking out over Joel’s parent’s herb/vegetable garden. I managed to get two letters done this month (L and M).

Here is a photo of my sister, Lucy her Hubby, Anthony and baby Niall last night when we dropped around to pass on their presents. They are reading Sandra Boynton’s Belly Button Book – which was one of the 4 little packages we brought for Niall.

Joel outdid himself for Christmas this year! He gave me the kit for Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine Designs (I have had a crush on this piece for ever!!) he also gave me the aforementioned iTrip and two CDs.
From me he recieved Star Trek the next generation series 6 box set, Blakes 7 series one box set and Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone DVDs. He too was a happy chappy.