Goal setting is still proving to be rather motiviational for me. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made this past month even with Christmas in there.

Here is a brief wrap up of my December Goals:
1. Do the finishing on th garden exchange piece – Not yet – but I have finally settled on a finishing method and have all the bits ready to go for this Saturday so should squeek it in
2. Stitch Melissa’s birthday exchange piece – Yes, completed the stitching, need to decide on finishing
3. Join in on my two SAL weekends (ROS – Mirabilia and Millennium – TW) – Yes, and progress pics posted
4. Stitch two more letters on the Redwork Alphabet – yes – you can see my progress in yesterday’s post
5. A little more Storyteller and post a picture this time – No pic yet but I have kept my SAL commitment of Monday nights
6. Some work on Strawberry Shaker Box project – I worked on the band of the tapemeasure – nearly done, planning to finish the stitching before the end of the month (still three days to go!
7. Complete the M designs D for my friend Donna – YES! Made it!
8. Start Cat Knot (HAED) – made a start!
9. Start work on Indigo Rose’s Catherines Armchair Pinkeep – yes, another start – I’ll have to get around to posting a pic

I had a bit of a quiet time on the desk at work yesterday so I started hammering out my 2006 goals – up till now it’s been a little nebulous. I’ll share my goals for January and the new year a little later.