Here is a little taste of what I hope to acheive in January…

1. Get into the Rythmn of my new Stitch A Longs (SALS) –
Wednesday: HAED Quick Stitch
Friday: Enchanted Mermaid
1st Weekend of the Month – Rose of Sharon
3rd Weekend of the Month – Millenium

2. Stitch two letters on the Redwork Alphabet

3. Chatelaine Mystery Sampler II – stitch part one (This is dependant on the kit arriving in good time)

4. Chatelaine’s Strawberry Box and toys: work on another part (possibly the pincushion?)

5. Finish Page one – Cat Knot

6. Keep working on Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep.

7. Exchanges:
a) Post Garden Exchange before Jan 9
b) Finishing on Melissa’s Birthday Gift
c) Stitching and finishing on Valentine Exchange


For those wondering where I got all my holidays from…
I have Long Service leave – three months paid leave for 10 years continuous service. I have around 6 weeks annual leave accrued and 3 weeks of Time in Lieu – these are mainly 10 years worth of New years Day Public Holidays and Easter Tuesdays and extra time for coming in on weekends to promote library services.

Right now I’m planning to take two breaks this year from work. a six week break in March/April – for my birthday and Dad will be visiting. AND a longer16 week break from June 26.

We have plans to renovate the kitchen, put down new floors, maybe some weekends away and of course my lofty 2006 goals to work on!