I just went outside to start the reticulation and there are weeds as tall as the fence out there! Half my potplants are brown skeletons! I am appalled!

Before I married Joel the year before last, my little garden was my pride and joy! Since he came along (well actually, back) a fridge has appeared on the patio along with a broken hotwater system and a BBQ Trolley missing a wheel. It depresses me to go out there at the moment, so – no gardening (also it is waaay to hot to go outside at the moment).

Another project for my holidays later this year I think. I’ll order a big bin and toss it all (except the fridge, which Joel’s parents swear they have a person willing to take it -as it still works). I’ll weed and mulch and fix the bits of the retic that don’t work. There, I said it. T’will be so.

I’ll be working on Rose of Sharon this weekend – it’s the Mirabilia BB SAL weekend. Here’s a link to my last post with progress pictures.