I’ve recieved notification that Joanie has got her garden exchange package so I’m going to share it with you all. This is a Blue Ribbon Designs freebie that I stitched with Thread Gatherer silks (Dark forest, Camoflage(after I ran out of Dark Forest) and Simply Strawberry).

I finished it as a pinkeep because I was too chicken to attempt a needlebook and I had just found these great large headed pins at Spotlight. Joanie struck me as someone who might like this freebie as she likes samplers (and heck you should have seen the sampler house exchange she recieved recently – it definately puts my little effort in the shade, it was incredible).

Do you find it ironic that both my partners in this exchange had the initials JL. This has greatly amused me this past day (how sad is that?).

I just want to confess that I haven’t stitched at all in the past two days. I just feel I must.