Thank you everyone for your lovely comments recently. I have been feeling a bit down lately (not just in my stitching life) so they have meant a lot to me.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and I get to have a day off – I think I’ll stitch! Probably work on the Redwork alphabet.
And I have Friday off on my roster too – I have a hair appointment so that will take half the day but for the rest – stitching time! I’ll pick up Enchanted mermaid.

I’m leaving work early today “for personal reasons” (Job application to finish and stitching time needed ASAP) I’m going to be working my QS ACEO tonight. I’ll have a progress report for you tomorrow.

I had a weird nightmare last night: Joel and I were renewing our vows and it was very lovely till just after we finished – another bride came in and he married her too! Then we had one of our little “discussions” where I felt all unreasonable because I had a point of view about sharing (Joel always wins our “discussions” – I get too emotional).
I told Joel about it and he just laughed – it is a silly dream afterall. The other bride was a redhead – does this mean something? I have started to think it was about Felix – the only other redhead in our life. He is pretty vocal at the moment and is being a bit of a pest about cuddles – it has been pretty hot here and no-one wants to get close.