I’ll try and keep this short —

1) Try to keep up with my SAL commitments – Mirabilia – Rose of Sharon and Enchanted Mermaid, TW Millenium, Storyteller, HAED – Winter ACEO.
2) Stitch two more letters on my Redwork Alphabet
3) Finish Part One Sampler Mystery II (stretch goal – complete part two, too)
4) Do Part One Grape Threadkeeper.
5) Exchanges – choose a design for Renee’s Birthday (have one in mind already).
6) Put a few stitches in my other WIPs – Cat knot, Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep and Chatelaine’s Egyptian Garden.

I downloaded the new parts for my Chatelaine projects last night, I’m off to burn them onto a disc so I can print them at work – no printer at home at the moment.