I am one lucky girl! Harsha has sent me some souveniers from her recent visit to Singapore Zoo for the Night Safari.

I’m really pleased with my goodies – I told Harsha in my thank you note that I have had the opportunity to visit the zoo a few years ago but we weren’t able to fit in the night safari which sounds like a real blast (we did breakfast with the orangutans). We certainly didn’t get time to visit the zoo shop – we were on a tour and were very rushed.

This morning I visited my beautician and I am now beautiful again (ha!), then this afternoon I went over to Lucy’s to play with Niall and keep her company for a bit. Tonight Joel and I are on Niall watch – Lucy and her husband are going out for birthday drinks for a friend. I’m planning on taking either Enchanted Mermaid or Sampler Mystery II or maybe one of the not done Essy’s friends kits.

Still awaiting my valentine exchange… hope it’s not lost in the mail.