February 2006 WIP
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This weekend I have worked on Millenium as part of the Stitch-a-thon on the Friend’s Gather BB.

Not to much progress to report – finished the leaves on the archway – did two more rows of stitching on the bottom of the arch and filled in some gaps that I had left. This piece is a delight to stitch. I am really enjoying it.

I am going for an interview for a job tomorrow. Same kind of job I already do, we’ll see how this one goes – feeling kind of ambivilent right now.

And on Tuesday I have my last session in the first aid training I have been attending (5 weeks over at last!) Just the written test to go. After last weeks session I saw an accident at one of the sets of lights on my way home. I felt quite nervous that they would need my help but fortunately I could see that they were all safely out of their vehicles and waiting for pick up trucks to take their damaged vehicles away.

Melissa’s Happiness Meme. – Thank you Melissa for the thoughtful moment and Happy Birthday to you.

5 things that make me happy today.
1) Joel, the love of my life.
2) My relationship with my younger sister Lucy.
3) My newest Nephew, Niall – he is such a sweet young fellow and a joy to be with (he is now 7 months) He has pretty much cured my baby-phobia.
4) Max and Felix, my pets. When I am down their (kind of unconditional – I know it is snack fuelled) love is a huge comfort.
5) My embroidery makes me happy too – stitching and shopping for stash are some of the great pleasures in my life.