Today I got some stashy mail from Dragonfly dreams – the new issue of Sampler and Needlework Quarterly (which was quite controversial on the Legacy BB) I must say from my quick perusal I will like this issue – I have absolutely no idea about sampler history and this issue is all about the 2006 Charleston Muesem Exhibit – which I will not have an opportunity to see (unless the lotto treats me really well!)

I had the interview today – seemed to be OK and they have already called my boss for a reference check. I don’t know what to think – at the place I currently work we don’t call the referees unless we want to make an offer…
Ha! I forgot to tell them that I had been the supervisor at my current place of work for the last 5 months!

Oh, and I guess I should mention some of my embroidery is on display in the library I work in to drum up some bookings for an embroidery talk by the Embroidery Guild of WA which has been booked by one of the staff who does adult services. I’m not a member of the guild, I’ve met a few of them at shows and they are perfectionists who flip peoples work and check backs (mine are reasonably neat but I hate people who do that – looking for faults is horrid!) I’m sure they are not all like that but I don’t really want to join anyhow.