I have completed my goal of completing two letters a month on this piece. This months letters are C and D.

It is a design from Laurence Roque, a French designer. I got the kit when I visited Paris in 2002. Sadly I haven’t seen an online source for this design. But Laurence Roque does have a website (but no redwork there). His shop was full of it when I went in 2002.

I’ve got the bug to start something else… but I mustn’t! It’s time to list my Work in Progress in order to shock me into doing some work on the other pieces rather than starting something else.
1) Chatelaine – Sampler Mystery II
2) Chatelaine – Strawberry Shaker Box and Toys
3) Chatalaine – Grape Threadkeeper Book
4) Chatalaine – Egyptian Mandala Garden
5) Mirabilia – Rose of Sharon
6) Mirabilia – Enchanted Mermaid
7) Indigo Rose – Catherine’s Armchair Pinkeep
8) Teresa Wenzler – Millenium
9) Teresa Wenzler – Storykeeper
10) Laurence Roque – ABC Calligraphie Rouge
11) Heaven and Earth Designs – Winter ACEO
12) Heaven and Earth Designs – Cat Knot (I want to restart this piece on 25ct luguna)

I feel sufficiently shocked now to get back to work on one of the above.

Edit – wonder why no one can leave a comment for this (I wonder if when I republish for this edit – it will right itself – Yes, it did!)