Happy Shrove Tuesday Everyone! This used to be my favourite day of the year when I was a kid. I love pancakes with lemon and sugar, pancakes with bananas and sugar, pancakes with icecream, pancakes with maple syrup. Yummy, I may have to make some pancakes very soon.

I was shelf checking yesterday (one of my tasks at work is to spend an hour on Monday’s putting the library back in order after the hordes have been through and pushed the books back into the wrong places – yes, we’re on to you!!) and I came across a really interesting title in the cookbook section Death Warmed Over It’s a book on funeral food, rituals and customs from around the world. I read it during my tea break today and it is hilarious. On top of the factual information about the different cultural rituals there are little textboxes with cute facts. Here’s one I enjoyed:

For composing the features $1.00
For giving the features a look of quiet resignation $2.00
For giving the features the appearance of Christian hope and contentment $5.00
– From a funeral homes price list for mortuary makeup – circa 1920.

I don’t know if this means I am a sick puppy but this gave me a giggle. Also $5.00 was a lot in 1920!

On an stitchy note – here is another book I picked up during the same shelf checking session, Stitch and Sizzle Accessories. It has a bag very similar to the Bourse Maison de brodeuse by Au Fil des Reves. I am really drawn to books about bags – I’d like to do one as an exchange gift one day.

I read a message on the San-Man Board today about one of the members giving up Stash Aquisition for lent. I think this is a really worthy idea so I am going to join that person.
I guess it’s time to confess I have ordered the Japanese Octagonal Box kit from European Cross Stitch already (mint green fabric).
And I’m going to leave my autos in place. But that’s it!! REALLY!!