Mew! The cat has got control at last!

6 things I like to do, by Felix, small red fiend and owner of Cathy.

1) Firstly I really love to drink the milk from Cathy’s breakfast in the morning. I like to sit on the table while she eats and then when she is done, I put my paw on her hand and gently remind her that it is my turn.
2) I like to bring insects into the house and play with them, Cathy goes hysterical when I do this (especially with the large brown cockroaches I usually catch, sometimes they take wing – Such fun!
3) The Humans try very hard, but the food they give me is not to my liking at all – if it is not Chicken and Rabbit Whisketts, I don’t really want it. The meat dishes they give at tea time are a prime example – I just lick the gravy and then pass the rest on to Max, who is more appreciative – the oaf!
4) I like the computer, it is nice and warm on my furry behind.
5) I like to play with Joel’s bootlaces (and I am a mighty Floss Hunter).
6) I hate to say this but I love Max, he is my best friend.

As an aside – I’ve often thought about setting up a blog for Max and Felix. Just a spot to put their photos and news. Sometimes our supermarket is out of the Whisketts Felix likes and we buy another flavour, he just stirs them about and gives them to Max. He certainly is his own cat, and we wouldn’t have him any other way.