I’m getting ready for bed, but before I go, I thought I’d just share a progress pic of Winter QS ACEO. It took me a while to settle down to stitch after work tonight. So here is two hours work. (7pm – 9pm) I did the yellow bit.

I got some stashy mail yesterday – the Feb issue of Just Cross Stitch finally arrived, a secret stash order arrived (includes gifty’s so no sharing) and some threads from Dragonfly dreams turned up (a backorder – thanks Karen!) So even though I have actually somehow made it through the first week of lent – without breaking down and ordering some new gear I have new stash to fondle (and much fondling has occured!!)

Tomorrow I will be sending my letter of resignation to my work. Eeek!

I told my regular storytime groups that I am leaving today, and we have planned a party for next weeks groups. (This is my last actual week of work – then 2 1/2 weeks off!!) I will be sorry to leave the storytimers they are lovely folks.