Booking Through Thursday

This week’s questions are from Cate. I have been a bit lax in doing this meme of late, I hate admiting that I don’t read as much as I used too.

  1. Do you have any books that are signed by the author? Yes, three I can think of off the top of my head are: Possum Magic by Mem Fox, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz and Hapless, Hopeless, Horrible by Joshua Wright.
  2. Do you have a story behind the autograph? All three of these were aquired at a conference for people who appreciate children’s authors and illustrators which I went to for work. Whilst the other two authors are better known, Joshua Wright’s autograph is the most memorable as we had been talking “wittily” (I was flirting – Joel was not in the picture those days) and I suddenly caught sight of his name tag and begged him to autograph his book – He signed it “To Cathy, with all my love” I think I might have been his only enthusiastic fan at the conference, just grabbing the book to see the autograph made me smile! He was a nice guy.

    Anthony Horowitz is also gorgeous (he is “an english gentleman” kind of “Bond 007” and very witty to boot) I got Stormbreaker signed because it was the first book I had read by Anthony and it totally sucked me in as a good thriller should. I was late for the next session but I just had to get his autograph. Anthony has written an adult book, The Killing Joke (I haven’t read it yet still plowing through last years purchases) and wrote the screenplays for the television series, Foyle’s war – which I loved!

    Mem Fox’s one is the most boring sadly, she signed my new 21st birthday reprint of Possum Magic with out having met me – it was a special boxed edition that I ordered at the conference. It came with a print from the book, and an extra book with the background information about how Possum magic came to be. It is still one of the most popular Australian children’s books.

    We had a rather nice Possum Magic themed dinner at that conference and it was my first and thus far, only visit to Tasmania. I had a great time, and Joel and I would love to visit there again one day.