This weekend I abandoned my WIPs (Naughty, Eh!) and worked on some new pieces. I recieved a package from The Elegant Stitch on Friday which had the latest Essy’s Friends piece in it (designed by Brightneedle). I stitched this as part of the 24 hr challenge on the Friend’s Gather BB (I pulled out the mermaid piece to finish as well as it had the same finishing method).

When I came to do the finishing I recieved a check in that I had no “white tacky glue” so I had to stop after lacing the fabric to the metal finishing forms. I did have a go with my glue gun, but it didn’t stick all that well. I’ll buy some white tacky glue and have another go later this week, if it doesn’t work as I suspect it won’t I’ll stitch the two pieces together using the “modified ladder stitch” ala Judy O’Dell.

This morning I went to a Baby shower for my friend Lee-Anne, which was lots of fun ( a surprise as I didn’t know anyone else there). Joel and I had a nice lunch together and then I made a start on the other project I stitched this weekend – Lizzie Kate’s Luck to you from “Spring Things”. I have always loved St Patrick’s Day – my Dad is Irish and he and Mum got married on St Patricks Day. I also started working for City of Stirling (current job) on St Patricks Day 11 years ago and this Friday is my last day rostered on the job too. A truely significant day in my life. I’m planning on finishing this piece as a doorknob hanger.