I know, it’s shocking but I actually pulled out Storyteller for it’s Monday night SAL (first time in 2 months – BAD CATHY!!!) Nothing like getting a finish under your belt for making you pull out the pieces you dread! Tonight I worked on the border – It took me two hours to get that little bit of knotwork in!!! I can now see the colour parts should stitch up a bit quicker – possibly I should have started with those? Still I’m pretty pleased with my progress tonight.

I have 3 days left with my current employer. Yay! Next week I’ll have two weeks off. Can you please help me decide on a project to focus on whilst I am on Holidays – I’ve placed a poll in my sidebar under the links. I’d really appreciate your help on deciding what to work on. Also I really should finalise my choice of gift for Renee and work on that.

Edited to fix picture size – it moved my side bar around and I hated it.