March 06 Millennium update
Originally uploaded by Cathymk.

I worked on this as part of the Millennium SAL on the Teresa Wenzler BB and as my Stitch-a-thon piece for Friends Gather. I managed to make quite a bit of progress this month, there are a few big sections in this sky of just one colour (not even a blended thread either).

I also back stitched the angel’s wing which gave me the opportunity to check that it really was counted in correctly (yep!)

So – all in all, feeling pretty pleased with myself actually.

Holiday-wise: I had lunch yesterday with friends and today had an enormous nap – so am starting to get the feel for being a lady of leisure.

As for the poll, Sampler Mystery II won! So I’ll be working on that in the main, but I am also going to pull out Catherine’s Armchair pinkeep and Strawberry Shakerbox because Nicki and Karen gave me good reasons too (and of course I am a fickle bod). Many thanks to those who took the time to vote.