The other two packages were Stashy!!
The first had more Vicki Clayton silks – I ordered her FOTM2 (fibre of the month package) this month – more lovelys to fondle. Ahh, silks.

The other had a surprise! I had ordered Frog Prince (Sara Butcher) from Heaven and Earth Designs as part of thier inventry reduction sale in January and it arrived at last (I had given up on it).

I went to lunch with the lovely Joel, which was wonderful. I love that man.

When I got home there was an email to say that I had been RAKed (on top of everything else!!) I was sent QS Dragon Dreaming (Scroll way down!!) Here is a link to the original art. I’ve had a look at the chart and it is just 4 pages but there are a lot of colours (3 pages) listed so it will be a long process (but a fun one, I assure you all)

I went to Lucy’s for the rest of the afternoon and played with Niall – what a charming young man he is (he is now 9 months old) – and I love to play with him. Lucy gave me some really fabulous patterned pantyhose and a great necklace – beautiful black beads. Sandy (Lucy’s MIL) arrived and gave me some matching earrings. There’d be a picture of me in these too, but I’m in my PJs now and I don’t want to burden you all with that eyesore (another day, perhaps!!)

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I’d just like to make special mention and thanks to Harsha, Fudgey and Melanie who also sent me emails. Thanks Everyone! I had a great day.