Still pluggiing away at this piece. I started the green in her hood and did some more filling in on her hair. I am missing one shade of DMC for this chart and suddenly every time I want to change colour it is that symbol that wants filling in. I think it only appears 10 times on the page I am working on. I had hoped to have this page completed by March and you are all witnesses that I have faithfully picked it up each QS wednesday. Now that I have Wednesdays off we should see better progress (in theory!!). I love how it’s turning out and when I showed it to Joel tonight, he said Wow! Of course, he knows better than to say anything else!!

I ordered a print of the original art from Sara Butcher’s site as a motivation to keep at it (also I like to have a chart picture and for some reason known only to myself, I neglected to print one when I printed my copy of the chart).

Also (in news that might interst Harsha) today I became a San Man Junkie!