My Aunty Pat has just arrived from the UK so I went to the airport to pick her up.
This involved – Vacuuming out the car, driving the clothes in the boot (trunk) to the charity shop then washing the car all before 9:30am when she was due to land.
Aunty Pat is staying at my other Aunts place. I’m going to be hosting her daughter (my cousin Claire) in two weeks time – the poor girl will be sleeping on our couch. Dad is also due to arrive from Adelaide on Easter Saturday.

Friday night was my party for leaving my old place of work. It was really great! It was just lovely to catch up with so many of the people I have worked with. I also got some pressies – a lovely bunch of flowers, a box of chocs a gift certificate for my LNS Stitchers Corner ($180!!!) a beautiful scarf which I love, a letter from the mayor and councillors (which was really lovely) and a huge card with lots of good wishes. It was a rather nice do, I’d say around 40 people came along. Afterwards I went out to dinner with some friends and didn’t get home till 11pm (I call that a late night now I’m 32!!)

Yesterday Joel and I had a festival of consumerism (that’s what he called it). We went to our local shopping centre and let loose. We bought a colour laser printer, some DVDs (Harry P and the Goblet of Fire, Stargate SG1 season II – just watched season 1) a new receiver unit for the stereo with more imputs so that we no longer have to swap the imputs around at the back when we want to listen to our mp3s (iPods) or watch DVDs (I know it sounds lazy but it was a major hassle). These items have been on our wish list for a while so it was fun to do it all in one big shopping trip.

I’ve also managed to put a few stitches into Japanese Octagon box so here is a WIP picture. There are two panels out lined because I finished stitching the black outline of the second panel pictured then remembered it was an octagonal box and would be 8 panels not 6 – I thought Cindy had been generous with the fabric!! I’m going to be picking up Grape Threadkeeper again- this month we add in the grapes which are queens stitches. I’m treating it as a priority as this group finishes first.