Eep! I rang my new work today to find out what time they are expecting me (thinking I start Thursday as I am supposed to have Wednesdays as RDOs) and they are expecting me in tomorrow at 9.00am!! This means I won’t have the whole day to do the washing and work on my HAED QS as I expected. BUM!! (I was really looking forward to doing the QS – not the washing LOL!)
On the upside the lady who answered the phone, before I got transfered to the boss, said they are all looking forward to me starting there – wait till they actually meet me!!
I’ve put a few stitches in the grape threadkeeper but not enough for an update photo. To be honest, I think I am hitting another mini slump. I think I may retire a number of my WIP for a bit to take some of the pressure off. Or I may have to re-think the way I do my “rotation”. Maybe I need to tally the hours as so many others do (I went and had a lurk on the rotation stitchers BB to see how it is done). I’m still reading everyones blogs and I am amazed at what everyone else is achieving.