I’m Pooped! It’s emotionally exhausting to be on your best behaviour all day. It was a good day. I had a short desk shift this morning which was fine (I already know basic library procedure and their library circulation system). I had a nice little morning tea and then Despina, my new boss showed me my new desk and computer – the internet/intranet is so much faster than at my last work. She then left me to familiarise myself with my new space (which was quite messy). I spent the rest of the morning and this afternoon tidying the shelves and looking through the resources left by the previous librarian. I chucked quite a bit away.

Tomorrow I am off to do some system training.

When I got home tonight there was a card in the letter box saying there are 3 packages to pick up – wonder what that lot would be.

After dinner (fresh pasta with garlic bread) I settled down and added 2 more hours work on Winter. I’m reasonably pleased with today’s progress.