My Stitching space
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I’ve got a cold. Bleugh! No stitching updates for you!!

I thought you might like to see where I sit and stitch. I’m still stitching in our lounge at the moment. Joel and I are working on making the spare room a stitching space. The chart on the stand is… Winter ACEO (page three). I hope you like my pincushion, I bought it at some markets a while back. The can of Pepsi is there because I was on a break.

As some of you will remember, I am on a stash freeze till Easter Saturday (it’s my Lenten sacrifice – though now I learn I could have indulged on Sundays – my LNS is open on Sundays). When I got my payout from my old job (and the gift certificate!!) I said to Joel that I would have to have a fabulous Stash Explosion (go mad in the online shops). Well I have been practicing for this fabulous event – visiting the shops and filling my carts but the best I have managed is $130 at Wyndham needleworks – which even Joel said was not really an explosive stash attack (he has now witnessed a few). Clearly I am out of practice!

I am secretly pleased that Joel is supportive of one huge stash olympics though! Back to training I guess…