Blimey, that cold really knocked me for six! (wow, how ocker is that!!) Nearly better now. Whilst I was feeling all sinus-y, the boy Joel and I went to Ikea and had another consumerism attack. We bought all the parts to create a wall unit approx 3 meters wide and a new desk for Joel.

Saturday afternoon we put the desk together. I have to admit I was immediately discouraged when I saw that the booklet of instructions had 39 steps. However, we did prevail over this first piece of furniture (after 4 hours!!) and it is a pleasing addition to our home.

On Sunday I went out to Lunch with some of my former collegues. We had High Tea at Leaf (a specialty tea house in Mount Lawley – about 5 mins away from where I am) I had a lovely Lemon and Ginger tea (you could see the chunks of Lemon rind in the infuser – yummy and perfect for my cold). Here is a photo of me all tuckered out after the Lunch (I slept for 3 hours). I was kind of pleased to see my bum doesn’t look to huge when Joel showed me the photo! Felix had to get into the shot too.

On Monday I had a rostered day off so I had arranged for the rest of the Ikea stuff to be delivered. It arrived in 17 seperate boxes. (another big sigh) I could see I could probably handle putting one part together, so I did it myself and then went and collected Joel from his work at the University and we spent the evening putting together another section. All went smoothly.

The wheels fell off the tomato (so to speak) when we both got home from our respective jobs tonight ready for another night of furniture construction. We have had a lot of fun flirting with each other putting the furniture together (everything has to be screwed or banged together – we are still in our early thirties and pretty purile). Sadly we were halfway through putting the piece on the floor togther when our screwdriver broke. We only had 3 in the house and only one of them has been working with the screws in the box. So, we are stuffed till I can get out to the hardware store tomorrow morning. Here is the current state of play in the Lounge…

Stitching-wise … I haven’t picked up my needle since last Wednesday – you’ll have to throw me out of the club, girls. Looks like I’ll be able to participate in the QS SAL tomorrow – though we have to finish the furniture construction first and I have a date with my sister Lucy and Niall my nephew. A new day awaits..

My Dad is arriving on Saturday for a week long visit from Adelaide and my cousin, Claire is arriving on Friday.