This is just a quick report to assure you I am still alive.

I have actually managed to pick up my needle and work on an exchange project so no photo update – I’m participating in an 8 corner pillow exchange and I have finished the embroidery on one side and am contemplating whether to stitch something on the other side. Just because I am a show off, here is my previous attempt at an 8 corner pillow… I still love this little guy.

(Start Whine)
I’m still in recovery mode from my cold!!! Just when I thought I was better it turned into sinusitis made me even more miserable for Easter. Then on Easter Monday my family all came down with food poisoning! We are now all better. I’m on some super cold and flu pills and I hope to be back to full health real soon. Most of the time I don’t really mind feeling sick but this has been going on for 2 weeks! I need a break!
(End Whine)

Dad and his partner arrived safely on Saturday and it has been great seeing them again (and watching my dad play with his only grandchiild is priceless). Clare also arrived safely and has been seeing the sights everyday of her holiday (I’d be exhausted). So far she has been to Fremantle, Perth City, Swan Bells, Hillary’s Boat Harbour and endured a family picnic at Whiteman Park (this is a privately owned park with a natural bush setting, water playground, tractor museum, tram ride, vintage car museum and various craft stalls. ) Tomorrow she is off to Rottnest for the day and we say goodbye to Dad as he is off to Lucy’s holiday place in Bridgetown for a couple of days.

Edited to add – the furniture is all together now we are waiting one more piece to be delivered to IKEA (TV bench) and then our wall unit will be complete!!