Instructions for making an 8 corner pillow can be found at this link. It is in French, but I feel the pictures speak a lot in this set of instructions. For the join I backstitched around both pieces and then whipstitched it together. At the time I fretted about using a coloured thread for the join or adding beads in the whipstich. I think it turned out well without the ornamentation.

The design I used is a freebie from this site (check under 2005 to find it).

The relatives are gone and now I can settle down to some cross stitch again. Things have been falling behind somewhat. I have been on my stash splurge and I am awaiting delivery of the goodies. Do you want to hear what I am waiting for or shall I update as it arrives… I’ll confess two pieces right now because I need to get the guilt off my chest: I ordered Persian Iris Garden and Medieval Town Mandala kits. That’s one way to boost the spending dollar eh? I am totally aware that these two are biggies and I am not keeping up with the Chatalaines I already have on the go. I am taking the philosopical stance that I would like to do both of these and I will do them (s l o w l y). I have been watching Carol’s progress on MTM with great interest. It is probably a good time to admit I nearly added Taj Mahal in too (Still not sure what stopped me).

I’m nearly fully recovered from the cold at last too. It was just starting to get me down – could you tell?
I started making Renee’s birthday gift last night too.