Martina has outdone herself and uploaded the files and passwords to most of my groups (just waiting on Persian Iris Garden now). Grape Thread Keeper is looking like it will be a reasonably quick stitch. Japanese Octagon box is just lovely as usual. I am around a quarter of the way through part two. Sampler mystery two is looking great this month, the quotation on the sampler is from Marcus Aurelius and is “Remember this – very little is needed to make a happy life”. Apt words for this blogger – who wishes for more than she needs more than occasionally and actually is very happy with her lot in life (really!)

I’m off for brekky with my dear friends Donna, Sue and Ali this morning followed by a shift at the library. I found out yesterday that we can wear casual clothes for the weekend shifts – Yay!! That was a large part of the downer in doing weekend shifts for me at my old work. I’d have my “grown up” clothes on and not feel I could relax until I got home. On the Sunday rosters I’d be tense all day till it was over!