I’ve been working on this for the last couple of days. Tomorrow I’ll be picking up Winter ACEO again for the QS-SAL.

There was a card in the letterbox tonight – there is a parcel at the post office – I think this one is my Persian Iris Garden package from Dragonfly Dreams (yayayayayay!) – I think this mainly because it is registered mail and Karen told me this is how she sent it.

I’m also going to be visiting my old work to pick up my requested item (new Susan Wittig Albert – herb garden mystery) and spending time with Lucy and Niall. I bought him the cutest book today whilst I was out buying for the library: My Puppy Book which I hope to give them tomorrow. It is soooooo cute. It has a page where you squeeze a squeaker and it barks! Seriously adorable and fun! Can’t wait for them to see it.