I’ve had a rather successful day today. I visited my old work, dropped in at Spotlight and finally got that last skein of floss for Winter ACEO, along with a huge load of pins (like to use them in finishing), some sculpy polymer clay (I’ve want to try something out with this stuff) and a little something for Renee’s Birthday Exchange.

Then I went over to Lucy’s and we went to the shops so that she could have her legs waxed (my role was to watch Niall), have lunch and then scour the shopping centre uselessly for the fourth season of Stargate SG1 which has been my stitching “viewing” for the last month – none of the 3 department stores in the complex had it.

I got home at about three and started making meatballs for our dinner tonight. Joel had commented that I hadn’t made them for sometime – my reason being it takes a lot of preparation and I wasn’t confident I had the right consistancy with the sauce.

After I rolled a gazillion meatballs (a teaspoon of meat mix in each one) I settled down to stitch on Winter (after washing my hands!!) I filled in some gaps with the new floss and added in 6 more rows of sparkly white. I am having real trouble with the petite treasure braid I am using for the project. Each piece knotted many times and was pretty frustrating. I’ve lost track of my thread heaven – I think this might be a help in this circumstance as well as shortening my working lengths. I had pre-cut some lengths and vowed to do at least them – my way of overcoming parts of charts I get bored or frustrated with.

Joel got home around 6 – I had updated him during the day with news of the Stargate search and he had stopped in the City and found it!! We watched the first two episodes whilst I stitched this evening.
And the big news – the meatballs turned out perfectly too!