It’s one of my long weekends from work this weekend! I don’t have to go to work now till Tuesday – tra la!

I received my partner in the SBEBB Friendship Exchange last night and it’s (drumroll please) Andrea. Hi Andrea, I’m looking forward to getting to know you a bit better and stitching a gift for you.

I’ve just worked two long days and haven’t any progress to share with you but I have just had some stash from the Post Lent Stash Explosion. This stuff is from Down Sunshine Lane… I got:
~ Little House Needleworks: Counting House, Morning Berries and Herb Garden
~ The Trilogy: Hop kit
~ Heart in Hand: Sleep tight, dress warm
~ La de da: My Sunshine
~ Sweetheart Tree: Don’t bug me when I’m stitching
~ 4 skeins of overdyed thread.
I still have orders from Wyndham Needleworks and Stitching Bits and Bobs outstanding. Something to look forward to.

Who know’s what I’ll stitch this weekend. I could start on Persian Iris Garden and I have the Grape threadkeeper and Japanese Box waiting in the wings.